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 Tuesday April 8, 2014
7:00 PM
Ergonomic Gardening 

"Sharing her recent research on ergonomics tools

        Presented by Marilyn Fishman

Welcome Gardeners!

April Meeting: Tuesday, 04/08/2014 7:00 PM


Ergonomics Gardening with Marilyn Fishman


Marilyn Fishman will be presenting our April program "Ergonomic Gardening."  Marilyn will share with you her recent research on ergonomics for gardeners and gardening with arthritis.  Her focus will be on how you can protect against repetitive stress injuries while working in the garden.  “Ergonomic” has become common in the description of gardening tools, and she will share with us her ergonomic tools and discuss what to look for in buying a “true” ergonomic gardening tool. 
After 40 plus years working in Information Science and Technology, Marilyn has found that being a Rutgers Master Gardener of Burlington County an ideal retirement milieu. She is a HSSJ member and our newspaper editor.

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